Creating education resources

We are developing pedagogical resources (including an open access textbook) to support the mainstreaming of climate considerations in the core law school curriculum.

Becoming a Climate Conscious Lawyer: Climate Change and the Australian Legal System

This book provides an original and innovative analysis of the conceptual challenges climate change presents to different areas of law and an overview of cutting-edge level developments in response to climate change.

  • Tranche 1 to be published in May 2024 includes Introduction; Administrative Law; Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Tranche 2 to be published in February 2025 includes Indigenous People and the Law; Property Law; Torts Law; Equity and Trusts; Ethics and Professional Responsibilities; Company Law; Public Law; Evidence Law; Civil Procedure; Constitutional Law; Contract Law
  • Tranche 3 to be published in April 2025 includes Human Rights Law; Migration and Refugee Law; Labour Law; Health Law; Intellectual Property and Technology Law; Consumer Law; International law; Clinical Legal Education; Legal Theory