Climate Change and Legal Education at the Frontiers of Environmental Law Conference

Feb 2, 2024

Half a day at the annual Frontiers of Environmental Law Colloquium held at the University of Queensland on 8 & 9 February 2024 was dedicated to discussing mainstreaming climate change in the legal curriculum. 

The session on “Embedding climate change and sustainability in legal education” included the following presentations: 

  • Dr Julia Dehm, Prof Nicole Graham, and Zoe Nay ,”Mainstreaming Climate Change in Australian Legal Education” 
  • Prof Christine Parker and Dr Hope Johnston, “An approach to teaching and understanding climate-related greenwashing and Australian Consumer Law”
  • The Hon Justice Brian Preston FRSN SC, Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court of NSW, “Mainstreaming Climate Change in Legal Education”
  • Prof Amanda Kennedy, Prof Anna Huggins, Prof Rowena Maguire and Dr Bridget Lewis, “Embedding Sustainability in the Core Law Curriculum: The QUT Experience”

This session was followed by an interactive workshop where participants shared experiences of incorporating climate change in the legal curriculum, identified potential hurdles and barriers to further mainstreaming and sought to identify ways to address these barriers and drive the transformation of legal education.