Building a community of practice

Join our community of practice to drive the transformation of legal education! The community of practice is open to all legal legal academics who are interested in mainstreaming climate change in legal education. The community of practice will support one another in further developing tools, strategies and resources for the mainstreaming of climate change considerations in Australian legal education as well as relevant legal updates and developments.

To join the community of practice please join our mailing list to connect with colleagues who are also interested in transforming legal education, to learn about new pedagogical resources and strategies and to find out about future events. in learn about new resources, events and to

Long term we hope to develop more specialised communities of practice focused on each of the Priestley 11 prescribed knowledge areas as well as some key elective subjects, as well as regional grouping for each state/territory. If you would be interested in co-ordinating one of these more specialised communities of practices please contact us.

Image: “Holding Hands” by rachaelshapiro is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.